About the Artist

I am a ceramic artist based in Cambridge, working from a studio at Digswell Arts, Fenners Building, Letchworth.
I have a BA (hons)Degree in Fashion & Textiles, and have been working with primarily porcelain clay for the last 20 years. My experiences have led me through many City & Guilds Creative Arts Course, culminating in City & Guilds 2 year Professional Practise and a PTTLS teaching course in 2013. I am happy teaching both adults and younger students, plus am an experienced arts technician.
The thundering repetitive waves, clouds chasing across the sky, continuously changing skies, crunching pebbles underfoot, watching the wave ripples on the sand, laboured sunken half- footprints on the wet sand, washed away by the lapping waves, taste of the salt water spray in the air, white froth of wild waves, breathless after a big gust of wind, smell of the sea, sand, grasses, dampness and the continuous collection of flotsam and fauna from the coast…

Words like “enveloped”, “absorbed”, “exposed” to nature. These walks created a space to just be and observe nature as it happens. To understand we are small in comparison with natures continuous work. But it gave me time to LOOK and SEE... Most of my walks are done with family, but the repetitive nature of step after step, wave after wave, and the wind whipping around us, made chatting a non- starter…. So, the words “insular” and “isolation” also becomes important, we surrender to the weather and walked… Repetition creates rhythm within us, possibly a meditative state, a helpful exercise towards MINDFULNESS..

I notice things of beauty and capture them on camera. The simple beauty of vast sky verses expanse of sea, intense contrasting colours, layers of pattern, intense details of textures surrounding me. I touch small shells, wood, seaweed and stones. I take home small mementos for colour, texture. I often find shells at the bottom of my coat pocket weeks after and smile.

I notice how the elements have affected the structures around the coast. Sea defences, groynes, harbour walls, piers, boats and the excitement of finding rust, decay and distressed colour. Crumbling structures being overpowered by nature…The power of the coastal environment…Understanding weather and time have dramatic effects on manmade structures designed to stop natural erosion.
A continuous fight
nature and man.